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Olde Irish £20 note


Olde Irish £20 note featuring WB Yeats

This was engraved as a training piece.  This work encorporates many techniques - wheel engraving, diamond point and sandblasting in one piece.

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Price: POA


Living London

Living London was engraved in an illustrative style to emphasise the point that  the city is 'alive'.  The piece features Big Ben, The London Eye, and Tower Bridge. They bind and twist conveying movement and rhythm in harmony with the beat of the city

Price: POA

Two Little Boys by Greg Sullivan


Two Little Boys

Taking inspiration from the Rolf Harris song, this engraving captures the moment where one brother extends a helping hand to his sibling.  The piece is shaped to allow it to rock gracefully


Urbs Intacta by Greg Sullivan

Urbs Intacta

Urbs Intacta is a montage of the historic and modern elements that comprise the city of Waterford.



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